Accessibility Declaration

Accessibility Declaration

Website Accessibility 

In order to enable everyone to enjoy a comfortable experience when surfing this site, numerous adaptations have been made to comply with the Israeli accessibility standard.

The site meets the AA level requirements and complies with standard W.C.A.G.2 (Videos with subtitles).

The site has been tested using the Chrome browser and Jaws screen reader. 

Some of the site content is uploaded by visitors to the site.  We kindly ask visitors who upload content to the site to ensure that such content is accessible by uploading alternative text for pictures and video subtitles.  It is possible that some content uploaded by visitors may not be fully accessible, depending on the willingness of visitors to make their content accessible.

We carefully check accessibility of the site and the many functions it includes.

If you encounter any problem when surfing the site, regarding its appearance and operation, please email us at and we will make sure to resolve the problem. 

When contacting us, try to describe the problem in as much detail as possible so that we can reconstruct your experience and deal with it.

Below are points of information that will help us locate the problem:

·      On what page did you encounter the problem?

·      A full description of your action (for example: clicking on a current exhibition, clicking on an event, enlarging the font, etc.).

·      Are you using assistive technology? (For example, screen reader)

·      Any other information that could be of help.


Building accessibility

Disabled parking

There is disabled parking in Bialik Street near the square.

Access to the building

Access when crossing from the street to the square and within the building.

Disabled bathrooms

There are 3 cubicles in the building, on floors 0, 1 and 3.

Details for inquiries regarding accessibility

Museum telephone: 03-7240311