City Museum Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. Fittingly, its museum is a place where visitors can talk, even out loud. The museum was inaugurated in 2024 in the renewed Bialik Square. It offers an opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the evacuation of the Argazim neighborhood, remembering what party they danced at in the millennium, recalling their whereabouts during the tent demos, or sharing their personal experience of the city. Welcome! visit, see (and perhaps touch) the exhibits, and the Story Collection.  

The museum welcomes all – locals who drop in by foot or bike or those visiting from out of town. If you’re from Yafo or Tel Aviv, you’ll find your story here, from Ajami to Neve Sharett, Shapira, Ramat Aviv, and all the places in between. Each floor of the museum is filled with bits of history about the people who have made this city what it is today. You will explore the origins of the first Hebrew city, which grew by the large city of Jaffa. The museum and website have a collection of stories from the city’s people. You can hear these stories via touch screens, digital posters, 3D printed objects, an intercom, and letter boxes. 

The city of an oat milk cappuccino or HaTikva neighborhood Turkish borek: the colorful the White City – its beauty and issues – comes to life in the exhibitions and the Story Collection. Apart from that, you can spend time with the kids at the cafe or in the public garden, chill on the balcony or roof, enjoying the scent of rain on one of the three winter days and the sun on all the rest.

The Shoshana and Zevulun Tomer City Museum Tel Aviv-Yafo is a collaboration between the Tel Aviv Foundation and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. The museum is situated on 27 Bialik Street, formerly the city’s historic town hall, where municipal meetings were held until 1962. The office of Meir Dizengoff, the city’s first mayor, has been preserved and is open to visitors. Here, you can experience what it’s like to be a city mayor and discuss how to tackle old problems with new solutions, such as the high cost of living, stray dogs, evacuation-construction projects, and recommendations for public transportation during Shabbat.

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