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Welcome to the Website of the Museum of Tel Aviv–Yafo (the “Website” and the “Museum”, respectively). The Municipality of Tel Aviv Yafo operates and manages the Website and the Museum. The Website operates at the following internet address www.taycm.org.il and at any other address in accordance with the discretion of the Museum. Details for contacting the Museum are set forth at the end of these terms.

The use of the Website, including its contents and the services it offers, indicates your consent to these terms and conditions as well as to additional terms displayed on the Website, including the privacy policy as well as additional instructions and rules that may be presented to you when you use the Website (together referred to as: the “Binding Documents”).

You are asked to read the Binding Documents very carefully, as they define your rights and obligations regarding the use of the Website (including uploading stories on your behalf to the Museum’s collection of stories). Please note that the Binding Documents may change from time to time and that you are obligated to keep up to date with them. If you do not agree to the terms of the Binding Documents, you are asked to refrain from using the Website, or the relevant section.

The Binding Documents apply to use of the Website through any computer or other communications device (such as smart phones, smart watches, tablets of various kinds, etc.). The Binding Documents are worded according to the male gender for convenience only, and are, of course, intended for all genders equally.

In the Binding Documents, the meaning of the term “content” or “contents”, including content that will be added to the Museum’s collection of stories, is any verbal, visual, audio content, or any combination thereof (such as audio-visual videos) or part of them, as well as their design, processing, their editing and the way they are displayed.

The Website may include a translation of its contents, or part of them, into different languages. In any case of a contradiction between the content of the Website in the Hebrew language and its content in any other language, the Hebrew version is the binding version.

About the Museum and the Website in Brief

At the end of 2023 the renewed Museum of the City of Tel Aviv–Yafo is expected to open its doors as an up-to-date urban cultural center, whose purpose is to connect between public and private urban heritage, urban innovation and new urban creation. The Museum is designed to act as shared public arena, and as a dynamic museum space that will display changing exhibitions, which will be based on the narrative of the city, on the residents who live in it and the stories that make it up.

The Museum Website is used as an online access gateway to the Museum and is intended to provide and deliver to the residents of the city, to the visitors to the Museum, and to the general public, information and details about the Museum and its activities. Among other things, the Website includes information and details about events organized by the Museum (including dates, location, cost – if any, details on accessibility and more); Information about the Museum’s exhibitions (including changing exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and past exhibitions); Educational and community activities in the Museum; magazine, articles and theoretical and professional content; Details about operating hours, and more.

The use of the Website does not involve any payment. To the extent that the Website allows the sale of products or services, this will be explicitly stated in the body of the Website, or the Website will direct you to a page / external website where such a purchase can be made, subject to the conditions on that page / external website.

The collection of stories - your story is part of the city - the Museum Website also includes a collection of stories of the city, in the framework of which the Museum invites the general public and Website visitors to upload their personal story about the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo to the Museum’s collection of stories. The Museum’s collection of stories is the sum of the deeds, experiences, dreams, and events that happened to the city’s residents, the city’s lovers, its creators, people who lived in it in the past, who live in it today and who will live in it in the future. The collection of stories includes many and varied stories about the city and is based on multiple sources (archives, the general public, artists, creators, dedicated production, the education system, cultural Museums, and more).

The Website is used, inter alia, as an online tool for collecting the stories of the city’s residents and displaying them. Inter alia, the Website presents tools and content that will guide you on how to structure and write your story, the important points to focus on and the target audience for whom the story should be made accessible.

The Museum has sole discretion to decide which contents will be displayed on the Website, the length of time they will be displayed, what their location and design will be, and any other matter related to them.

The Museum provides Website users with tools for sharing and linking content from the Website through social networks and various online services, and we also refer Website users to various social media channels of the Museum, such as the pages operated by the Museum on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and more. The use of these online services is done at your own risk and is naturally subject to legal agreements (such as the terms of use and the privacy policy) that regulate the activities of each of these platforms (which are not on behalf of the Museum or under its control).


Use of the Website

You may use the Website, its content and services, in accordance with the rules set forth hereafter. You may not use the Website, its contents and services in any other way, unless you have received the Museum’s express prior written consent to this, and subject to the terms of that consent (if given) -

§  You may use the Website for private, personal and educational purposes only and for non-commercial purposes, unless expressly stated otherwise;


§  You may not copy and use, or allow others to copy and use, in any other way content from the Website, including on other Websites and applications, in electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any other purpose;


§  You may not operate or allow the operation of any computer application or any other means, including programs such as Crawlers, Robots, etc., for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving content from the Website. This includes not creating and not using the aforementioned means to create a compilation, a collection or a database that will contain content or information from the Website;


§  You may not display content from the Website within a visible or hidden frame;


§  You may not display content from the Website in any way - including through any software, device, accessory or communication protocol that changes their design or removes content or information from them;


§  You may not link to the Website and to content from any source that contains pornographic content, content that encourages racism or illegal discrimination, or that is against the law, or that encourages activity that is against the law, or whose publication is against the law;

The Museum will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of any link to content originating from the Website and from any display or publication of content in any other way. You are fully and exclusively responsible for any link, display or publication of content made by you, and undertake to indemnify the Museum for any damage caused as a result.


Registration and Uploading Stories

The Website is intended for the general public. However, the sections of the Website that require registration, providing details, or uploading content, are intended for users aged 18 and over only, or in accordance with the provisions of the law. You confirm and represent that you are 18 years of age or older when using any of these services.

Use of the Website and the viewing of the content it presents do not involve registration. However, uploading your story to the Museum’s collection of stories will require you to complete a short registration process that includes providing personal and identifying details (full name, email address) and additional details as needed in the circumstances of the matter, in particular details about the story you will upload to the Website (the emotion expressed by the story, where the story took place - including by marking on the city map, when the story took place - date / period, as well as adding the free text of the story itself).

You can also upload a file related to the story, such as an audio, video, or audio-visual file. To the extent that there are technical limitations on the types of files that can be uploaded to the Website and the maximum volume of the files, they will be set forth in the body of the Website. It is possible that during the delivery of your details you will be required to actively confirm your agreement to the terms of the Binding Documents. You will be able to complete the registration and upload your story after providing the requested details and after your consent to the Binding Documents has been received. The Museum may contact you and send you updates by email in circumstances such as receiving the story in the Website systems, editing the story if necessary, and publishing it on the Museum Website.

You must provide only correct, accurate and complete details, both about yourself and in relation to the story you will upload. Incorrect details may prevent you from using the full features of the Website, prevent the presentation of your story and, if necessary, prevent making contact with you.

The information you provide will be kept by the Museum. The Museum will use your information in accordance with the Website’s privacy policy, which is an integral part of the Binding Documents and these terms. 

Marketing mailing and newsletter - As part of the registration process, or in designated areas on the Website that allow registration to receive newsletters, you will be able to indicate your explicit consent to receive newsletters and advertising material from the Museum or anyone on its behalf, as defined in section 30a of the Communications Law (Bezek and Broadcasting), 5742 - 1982 (known as the “Spam Law”). The advertisements and the newsletters will be sent to you using the details you provided to the Museum during registration, or in any further contact you make with the Museum or when registering to receive the newsletter. You may withdraw your consent at any time and notify the Museum of your refusal to receive advertisements, generally or of a certain type, by sending a notice of refusal. The way to send the notice of refusal will be set forth in the advertisements that will be sent to you, if and when they are sent.

The Museum may not allow you to use the sections of the Website that require registration, at its absolute discretion. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Museum may block your access to these sections, or cancel your registration, in any of the following cases -

§  If you intentionally provided incorrect details;


§  If you committed an act or omission that harms or may harm the Museum or any third parties, including other users or suppliers or partners of the Museum;


§  If you used the Website, its services, or any of its contents to try to commit an illegal act according to the laws of the State of Israel, or an act that is presumed to be illegal as stated above, or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the performance of such an act;


§  If you violated the terms of the Binding Documents;


§  If you take any action that prevents others from registering on the Website or using it in any way;


§  If you have a financial debt to Museum and you have not paid it on time.


Content of Surfers on the Website (Stories of the Users)

As mentioned, the Museum invites the general public and Website visitors to upload their personal story about the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo to the Museum’s collection of stories, and it may allow Website users to upload additional content to it in the future, in sections that will allow this. This content will be published in designated areas - in the Museum, on the Website, or in any other publication on behalf of the Museum, including in any media, existing or future - either by themselves, or together with content on behalf of the Museum. Submitting or uploading stories for publication does not give you the right to demand that the content be published or continue to be published.

The Museum encourages freedom of expression and the existence of fruitful and constructive discussion, with your active participation and the participation of other users. At the same time, in order to enable the existence of cultural and relative discourse and to prevent abuse of the possibilities open to you to publish content and stories, the Museum may check the content before its publication, however it is not required to do so. Such inspections may be done by the Museum in a sample manner, solely to try to prevent the publication of content that is apparently illegal, offensive, or that does not fit the spirit of the Museum, without the need to exercise legal discretion.

When you upload and publish content as set forth above, you bear full and exclusive responsibility for any results from the publication. You must ensure that such content is legal. For the sake of example only, you are prohibited from publishing and uploading to the following content to the Website -

§  Any content that is false or misleading;


§  Any content that infringes or violates the proprietary rights of others - including copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets;


§  Any pornographic or sexually explicit content;


§  Any computer software, computer code or application that include computer viruses, including hostile programs known as Trojan horses, worms, vandals, malicious applications, etc.;


§  Any content that defames a person, or damages his good name, or his privacy (without his informed consent);


§  Any content that personally identifies other people, without their consent to the publication of their identity;


§  Any content that contains, or that encourages racism, or improper discrimination;


§  Any content that encourages the commission of a criminal offense or could be the basis for a lawsuit or civil liability;


§  Any content of an advertising or commercial nature, or any content that does not fit the spirit of the Museum and the Website, their nature or goals;


The Museum may refuse to publish, or immediately delete, any content you submitted for publication, at its discretion, including whenever it finds that you have violated the terms of the Binding Documents, or that you have committed an act or omission that harms or may harm the services provided on the Website, its users, the Museum or anyone on its behalf.

If the Museum has decided to publish or use the content you provided - it may edit any such content, at its discretion, including shortening it, adding appropriate titles to it, combining it with additional content, and more. The Museum is not required to indicate your name and details as the source of the content you provided, but it may do so at its discretion. The content you submit for publication may be exposed to all internet users and visitors to the Museum and the Website. Act wisely and carefully in providing personal details (such as an address or phone number) as well as in the responses and inquiries you will receive, if received, following the publication of the content.

The Museum encourages you to be careful and critical of the content published on the internet, including the content posted by other users. Content provided by users is not published on behalf of the Museum and therefore it is not responsible for its reliability, trustworthiness, accuracy or integrity and it is not responsible for any result resulting from use or reliance on the content.



You may find on the Website links to various pages and content on the internet. Most of the content to which the links will refer is not published by the Museum, or on its behalf, and the Museum does not control or supervise it. The fact that the Website links to this content does not indicate the Museum’s consent to their content and it does not constitute a guarantee for their reliability, their up-to-datedness, their legality, the practices of the owners of the content in the field of privacy and any other aspect involved. You may find that this content does not suit your needs, or that you object to it, or believe that it is offensive, irritating, inappropriate, illegal, etc. The Museum is not responsible for the content to which the links lead and is not responsible for any result resulting from use or reliance on the content. The Museum does not guarantee that the links you will find on the Website will be correct and will lead you to an active web page, and it may remove links from the Website that were included in it in the past, or refrain from adding new links - everything, at its discretion.


The Museum respects your privacy when using the Website. The Website’s privacy policy constitutes an integral part of the Binding Documents.


Content of a Commercial Nature

The Museum may place on the Website, at its discretion, content of a commercial or advertising nature, including content originating from supporters and sponsors. The Museum will not be at all responsible for content of a commercial nature that will be published in the Website on behalf of third parties. The Museum does not write, check, verify or edit the content of these publications. The advertisers are exclusively responsible for the commercial content and for any result resulting from their use or from relying on it. Publishing content of a commercial nature on the Website does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services, assets or products that may be offered for sale. Any transaction made as a result of commercial content published on the Website will be made directly between you and the advertiser. The Museum is not a party to any such transaction and will not be responsible for the services and goods offered in the commercial content on the Website or purchased through it.


Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property on the Website, in the services provided on it and in all the content included in it (with the exception of content submitted for publication by you and by other users of the Website) belong to the Museum only, or to other third parties who have allowed the Museum to use it. You may not copy, distribute, publicly perform, broadcast, make available to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or lease any part of the above, either by you or through or in collaboration with a third party, in any way or means, whether electronic , computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means, or in any other way, without obtaining prior written consent from the Museum or the other rights holders, as applicable and subject to the terms of the consent (if given).

The Museum does not claim ownership of the content you upload and submit for publication, such as stories you upload to the story collection. At the same time, when you submit content for publication, you confirm in fact by submitting it for publication that you own the full rights to it and that you may submit it for publication and grant the Museum rights to use it. If you are not the creator or the owner of the rights in the content that you submit for publication, you confirm that you have legal permission from the owner of the rights, which allows you to submit the content for publication and give usage rights in this content to the Museum. The Museum will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of a violation of the rights of the rights holders of the content.

Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, when you submit videos for publication, you declare and confirm that you have received lawful consent of all of those photographed in the framework of the publication (and if minors are concerned - the consent of their parents or legal representatives), inter alia in relation to their filming, the use of their character and identity in the framework of the publication and the use of the videos showing them in accordance with the license you granted to the Museum.

By submitting the content for publication, you grant the Museum a free, irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual license to copy, reproduce, distribute, market, make available to the public, broadcast, process, edit, translate and use said content in any other way, at its discretion, including in the Museum, on the Museum’s Website, in any of their derivatives, as well as in any media or in any other framework, whether electronic or printed. As stated, this license is granted to the Museum without any consideration, including any mentioning (‘credit’), royalties or other benefits.

The Museum respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been used in a way that violates any of your rights, you are invited and requested to inform the Museum immediately, using any of the contact details set forth hereafter. Steps that the Museum will take, if any, relying on information that will be transferred to it, will not constitute proof of any violation of any right.



Wherever the liability of the Museum is set forth in the Binding Documents, or the absence of liability, this will mean also the liability of its employees, managers and those acting by its virtue or on its behalf.

The use of the Website and any content or service on it will be done at your sole and full responsibility and the Museum will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to you or anyone on your behalf or to any other third party, including any loss or expense, related to, or arising, directly or indirectly from the Website and any content and service included in it, including the collection of stories.

The content and services can be used as they are - AS IS. It is not possible to adapt them to the needs of each and every person. You will not have any claim, lawsuit or demand against the Museum regarding the features of the content, the services and the Website, their capabilities, their limitations, the rules that apply to them and their suitability to you and to your needs.

The Museum does not guarantee that the content you publish on the Website, or through it, will have any response, to the extent that the Museum allows you to publish such content. The Museum cannot know what responses (if any) you will receive as a result of the publication and who will respond to the content you publish therefore it will not be responsible towards you (or anyone on your behalf) for these responses, the identity of those contacting you or any consequence that will result from the publication. The Museum will not be responsible for any use made by a third party of the content you publish.

Any decision you make in relation to the content published on the site, or its use, is your sole responsibility. The Museum does not guarantee that the content and services of third parties, including those of content and service providers and of users, published on the Website, if published, will be complete, correct, legal or accurate, or will meet your expectations and requirements. The Museum will not be responsible for any consequence resulting from them, or from using them, or from relying on them. The use of the Website is at your own risk.

The Museum does not guarantee that the Website’s services and content will not be interrupted, will be provided in an orderly fashion or without interruptions, will exist safely and without errors, and will be immune from unauthorized access to the Museum’s computers and databases, or from damage, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures - whether in hardware, software, communication lines and systems, at the Museum or at any of its suppliers.



You undertake to indemnify the Museum, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss-of-profit, payment or expense incurred by it - including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs- due to a breach of these terms of use or any of the Binding Documents. In addition, you will indemnify the Museum, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any claim, lawsuit or demand brought against them by any third party as a result of content you provided for publication, as a result of links you made, or any use you made of the Website.


Changes and Cessation of Activities

The Museum is entitled to change from time to time the structure of the Website, its appearance and design, the scope and availability of the services therein and it will be entitled to change any other aspect involved in the Website - all, without the need to notify you in advance. Such changes will be made, inter alia, taking into account the dynamic nature of the internet and the technological and other changes occurring in it. By their nature, changes of this type may involve malfunctions or initially cause discomfort, etc. You will not have any claim, lawsuit or demand against the Museum for making such changes or malfunctions that occur during their implementation.

The Museum will be entitled to stop providing services on the Website, all or in part, at any time. If possible, the Museum will publish an advance notice on the Website about the termination of services a reasonable time in advance. Upon termination of the services, the Museum will keep the content and information contained in the Website for an additional reasonable period of time and then it will be entitled to delete it without keeping any backup of it and without giving further notice of this.


Change in the Binding Documents

The Museum may change from time to time the terms of use, the privacy policy, or any of the Binding Documents. If we make material changes to the Binding Documents, we may publish a notice of this on the Website, or notify you via the contact information you provided. If we make such changes in accordance with the provisions of any law, or a requirement of a competent authority - the changes will enter into force in accordance with the provisions of the law or such requirement. Continued use of the Website after the change indicates your agreement to the current Binding Documents, but we may ask you to actively approve the current Binding Documents. If you do not agree with the updated wording of the relevant binding document, you must stop using the Website. You can review the latest Binding Documents at any time by clicking on the appropriate link on the Website.


Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the Website will be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel. The competent courts in the district of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel will have exclusive jurisdiction for anything and everything arising from the Binding Documents.



You may not transfer or assign rights under the binding agreements without obtaining the Museum’s prior written consent. The Museum may transfer its rights to the Website or any part of it to any third party, at its absolute discretion, provided that that third party accepts the Museum’s obligations towards you according to the Binding Documents. The Museum will be entitled to transfer its rights and obligations according to the Binding Documents to any entity appointed by the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, if appointed, for the purpose of managing the Museum or its operation.


Contact us

The Museum observes the provisions of the law and respects the rights of the users of the Website, the city’s residents and the general public. If you believe that content has been published on the Website that offends you for any reason, or violates your rights for any reason, please contact us according to the details hereafter and we will try to handle your request as soon as possible –

§  Post: The Municipality of Tel Aviv- Yafo, 69 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv- Yafo 6416201

§  Telephone: *3013

§  Electronic mail: Info@taycm.org.il 



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