Hikaru Dorodango Workshop

Past events
Past events

“Touching the earth, touching plants, crafting by hand, the scent of nature and water and earth are things that always allowed me to leave myself and enter a fascinating world of green and magic.”
Tasneem Khashab, farmer and botanist artist

Join Tasneem for a special workshop to experience the ancient Japanese art of creating mud balls, known as Hikaru dorodango.
Hundreds of years ago, dorodango was a traditional children’s game in which mud was hand-rolled into a perfect ball before being naturally dried and buffed to a shine. This simple handcraft teaches us perseverance as we form a new type of connection with the earth around us. 
Date: 24-25.4.24, 10:00; the workshop is one hour and includes entry to the museum.

•    The workshop is for children aged 6+| Evacuated families are eligible to attend for free and must register online in advance| The number of places is limited| The activity will be documented and published on social media| The workshop will take place in the museum garden, which has no wheelchair access, the rest of the museum is accessible.  


Photography: Jana Khashab