Local Style: A Fashion Exploration Series

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    27 Bialik Street

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    30/05/24 - 27/06/24

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    Price: 150₪

Do you remember the glamour of Dizengof Street? Are you interested in exploring the fashion worlds that have shaped Tel Aviv-Yafo?

This unique lecture series, for DigiTel holders, is curated by Pazit Kidar – fashion designer and cultural researcher – who reveals the stories behind the brands, figures, and iconic places that marked milestones in Israeli and global fashion.

Lectures by lecture, we’ll review the processes that established Tel Aviv-Yafo's reputation as a leading city of fashion and style, follow the icons who influenced generations of designers and stylists, and explore the balance between glamorous isolation and cultural austerity.

👗 Lecture 1: Hebrew Couture: The Birth of the Fashion Scene in the City

🎶 Lecture 2: Eighties Revival: The Club Culture that Shaped the City and Fashion

🏖️ Lecture 3: Opening the Sea: The Sea as a Source of Inspiration and Creativity

Sign up today for this fascinating series and get an inside look at the city’s fashion scene. You can register for an individual lecture or the entire series at a discounted price.

• Duration of each session: 1 hour and 15 minutes | Limited seating available | Some sessions will be documented and published on the museum's social media

Photo: Gil Hadani, National Library Archive