Theatrical tour in Bialik Square

Past events
Past events

"A local story" is a theatrical tour that follows the memories of residents around Bialik Square. Join a special and exciting place-dependent show, which presents the square from a new and intimate angle.

How many words have been written about Bialik Square, one of the magical and iconic places of the city, have you ever thought about all the stories, moments and memories that happened there?

In the special tour created for the city museum, we will get to know the real stories of
The student rushed to the dentist.
The student who came with the municipal school to celebrate Bialik's birthday.
The almost very successful date from the Corona era.
The private clinic of the first sexologist in the city.
and more...

The tour takes place on foot, and lasts about 40 minutes.
At the end of the tour you can continue to wander around the museum

Concept, writing and directing: Lihi Inbar | Actress-creator: Daniel Blinky