Zikaron BaSalon

Past events
Past events

A special evening of remembrance at Bialik Square and the Culture Houses
Visitors are invited to a fascinating lecture on the city’s urban history conveyed through personal stories and testimonies.
Alisa Wexler, the Tel Aviv-Yafo City Museum’s Head of Tours, will discuss memory and historical empathy, our ability to experience big events through an intimate, subjective perspective, and how this provides an emotional-cultural context. The lecture includes moving personal stories of city residents from the museum’s collection of stories.

Advance online registration, a limited number of places
The talk is 20 minutes long and is documented on the museum’s social media
Photo: The City Archive

Other remembrance events at the Bialik Square Houses
19:00 – Liebling Haus – The White City Center: On Transferumbau and the Memory of Materials and Objects – a tour with artist Haim Sokol
19:30 – Zikaron BaSalon at Bialik Square
•    Testimony – Ilana HAbaron – a member of Kibbutz Re’im who survived Auschwitz and the October 7 massacre. Host: Hila Waldman, documentarist
•    Bialik House: readings – Doron Tavori, winner of the Israel Prize in Theator and the Landau Stage Arts Award, will read excerpts from Primo Levi’s masterpiece If This Is A Man.
•    Felicia Blumental Music Center and Library: The Three Strings by composer Gideon Klein for violin, viola and cello. Musicians: Linor Katz – cello, Yael Barolsky – violin, Jonathan Gertner – viola.
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*The event is held in hebrew