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Objection to The Alert Squads
The Tel Aviv-Yafo Jewish-Arab guard organized this act of objection. The guard was founded on the first days of the war to calm tensions between Jews and Arabs in the city and prevent events like those of May 2021

Emily Uriel

  • Ibn Gabirol 69

  • 18 Jan 2024

About the Museum

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. Fittingly, its museum is a place where visitors can talk, even out loud. The museum was inaugurated in 2024 in the renewed Bialik Square. It offers an opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the evacuation of the Argazim neighborhood, remembering what party they danced at in the millennium, recalling their whereabouts during the tent demos, or sharing their personal experience of the city. Welcome! visit, see (and perhaps touch) the exhibits, and the Story Collection.  

News and Updates

The Walking Man, Soon I'll Get Far

Born on the streets of Tel Aviv, the Walking Man paved the way for current urban activism. His visual language and actions around the city raised the public's awareness of urban planning priorities, and generated civil actions

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Permanent Exhibition

What were the beginnings of the city that never sleeps? From the port of Jaffa, through a series of demonstrations and the rise of apartment prices, the exhibition dares look things in the eye. The city's typical characteristics, past and present, are examined to challenge our perceptions.

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